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PIHome 2.0 is now available! New Features

What is PIHome?

PIHome is open source

PIHome is a open source web based home automation system runs on RaspberryPI with a 433m wireless transmitter. Written in HTML, CSS, JS & PHP. That's it.

New features by PIHome 2.0

PIHome 2.0 has many new features such as sunset and sunrise function or switch light by Goolge Calender/CalDAV. Manage your lights, rooms or users.

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What you need!

All what you need to build your own PIHome.

Hardware list

  • a RaspberryPI
  • RaspberryPI case
  • 433m wireless transmitter modul
  • power supply
  • SD-Card
  • remote control outlets
  • 3 cable (for to wire the wireless transmitter)
  • and a wire as a antenna
  • for internet connection you need a ethernet-cable or wifi usb adapter

PIHome Software

How to build?

Learn how you build PIHome.

How to build PIHome

Learn how easy it is to build your own PIHome.
Build in 5 minutes without special know about electro.

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How to use API with Apps?

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NetIO App

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