How to build PIHome

What you need!

All what you need to build your own PIHome.

Hardware list

  • a RaspberryPI
  • RaspberryPI case
  • 433m wireless transmitter modul
  • power supply
  • SD-Card
  • remote control outlets
  • 3 cable (for to wire the wireless transmitter)
  • and a wire as a antenna
  • for internet connection you need a ethernet-cable or wifi usb adapter

PIHome Software

Start to build

Open your RPI case and adhesive the transmitter with the little socket for antenna directly over the hole in case.

For fixation can take a glue gun or you just take tape.

Wiring transmitter

For wiring the transmitter you need three cables (female/female)

Use an antenna

You can use for antenna a little piece of a wire and put it into the antenna socket on transmitter.

You're done

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