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All new features in PIHome 2.0

all new features in PIHome 2.0 on one view.

1. Sunset

Enable a light for sunset. A simple click on the half moon icon and your light turns on automatically when the sun goes down.

For the calculation of the sunset, it is important that set your city and your time zone correctly in settings.

2. Sunrise

If you activated sunrise in settings then all lights turns off at sunrise.

For the calculation of the sunrise, it is important that set your city and your timezone correctly in settings.

3. Google calender

You can turn your lights with Google Calender. It's very simple to use. Signin in your Google account. Go to calender. Make a new calender and name it "lights".

Click to settings and copy der secret .ics url and paste it into pihome settings and activate google calender. For Example: 1_on = light id 1 turns on or 1_off for shut off. . Write that in the summary of your meeting.

4. CalDAV calender

With CalDAV can you turn your lights with CalDAV calender. Set your user data into settings and activate CalDAV. CalDAV is used by owncloud for example.

The same principle as Google Calendar.

5. Weather

Enable weather and you have weather infomation in navigation.

6. All off

Shut all lights off with a single click.

7. Managed lamps

Manage your lights simple. Enable, disable, edit, delete, add new lights or set sunset with a single click.

This view is only for admin users.

8. Managed rooms

Manage your rooms. Add room, edit or delete.

9. Managed user

Manage your family. Give everyone from your family an access. It give's two user levels, admin and user.

Click on the key icon and you can see the api key from this user.

10. PIHome language

You can change the system language in config.inc.php. The default language is english. As further languages are only German.

Everyone makes othr language files. Send me this file and i add it to the project. Send your file to info (at) harkemedia.de. Others will thank you.

11. Google Chrome

Once a chrome webapp.
If you want to use it you must change in manifest.json the following line.
"web_url": "http://your-ip/"

source code

secondly a chrome extension.
If you want to use it you must change in bg.js the following line.
chrome.tabs.create({url: 'http://your-ip/'});

source code

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