Use API with Apps

Use PIHome API

Use PIHome api for using apps or for develop own apps.

At " Settings -> Users " you can click on the key icon. Then open a modal with the api information. Api-key and api-url.

Control a single light
For example: http://YOUR-IP/api/?ak=API-KEY&ch=X&co=XXXXX&s=X
&ch=X : replace the X with a letter( A or B or C or D or E )
&co=XXXXX : replace the XXXXX with light code ( 10000 )
&s=X : replace the X with 0 for off or 1 for on ( 0 = off or 1 = on )

Shut all off
For examle: http://YOUR-IP/api/alloff/?ak=API-KEY

Use with Tasker

Tasker is a Android app.

With this App can you control your light from Android phone.

PiHome and Tasker Tutorial

Use with NetIO

NetIO is remote control app. With NetIO you can make your own remote controls for different things. Light, TV or Musik.

NetIO has a own browser based editor. It allows an easy to build its own remote control from a desktop computer

Then store online and synchronize the app.

tutorial comes

Use with Home Remote app

Home Remote is a iPhone app and for your Mac, there is also an app.

With this App can you control your light from iPhone notification center.

Control light per voice or from your apple watch.

tutorial comes

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